Władysław Pawelec


was a photographer who lived and worked in Warsaw. Member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) from 1966. A pioneer of Polish erotica photography, he practiced female portrait and female nude for over thirty years. His 1970s shows, starting with the famous Monica (1974), and a nude calendar published in 1983 in 200,000 copies were sensations, causing a reappraisement in the critical perception of nude photography and drawing international attention. In 1985, his Friends of Zofia photo book was published by Melrose Square Publishing. In 1999, Fotografia aktu [Nude photography] came out, and in 2000 the public TV, Telewizja Polska, made a documentary about Pawelec, Portret artysty z nimfami w tle [Portrait of an artist with nymphs].


He participated in numerous exhibitions, e.g. World Press Photo in the Hague (1966) or APA International Exhibition of Photography in Tokyo (1978). In 1984, he had a solo exhibition at Amsterdam’s Canon Photo Gallery.

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