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Private exibition / Lewczyński / Beksiński / Schlabs, featuring Zbigniew Libera
30th september 2021
to 3rd october 2021
On 20 June 1959, a photography exhibition took place in the small space of the Gliwice Photographic Society which went down in history as the “closed show.” The participating artists — Jerzy Lewczyński, Zdzisław Beksiński, and Bronisław Schlabs — opted for a no-publicity presentation, without formalposters or invitations, in order to avoid, not so much political, as “social” and aesthetic scrutiny, which, historically, they have, of course, not escaped.

As part of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Asymetria Gallery will present an interpretation of that event, featuring Zbigniew Libera, an artist of a quintessentially powerful boldness of gesture.

11.09.2021 12:43:07

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Zbigniew Libera
The View to the Freedom Street