Szerszeń Tomasz
Constellations 3
3rd september 2016
to 17th september 2016

Galeria Asymetria welcomes you to the third part of the Constellations project. The layers created by Arno Gisinger (in April) and Bogdan Konopka (in July) will be complemented by another artist, this time it's Tomasz Szerszeń.

On the texture which is left after the two previous exhibitions, the artist will paste photographs form his most recent project devoted to the nomadic architecture, a project realized on the Greek island of Samothrace, a place well known to local “defectors from civilisation” and “inner émigrés”, but also an island located in the close vicinity of transit routes chosen by refugees from Turkey.  

The enigmatic architecture of deserted huts seems to be in dialogue with the vision of emigration and search for home/asylum, as outlined in the earlier exhibitions of the Constellations series, a vision paradigmatic of the times we live in. As such, it complements this tripartite and mutually illuminating narrative about the fate of an artist-émigré, the crisis of Europe under threat of fascism, and the escape from the inevitable destiny, while also being a search for a safe haven, a place of temporary relief. As Walter Benjamin wrote in his letter to Max Horkheimer (31 January, 1937), “this will be a time to dream about a bombproof shelter.”

The empty sign of the image, for which the departure point for Gisinger was a quote from Benjamin’s letters superimposed on a photograph, and which for Konopka lied hidden in his intimate letters to his daughter written on the verso of the pieces of photographs, is here transformed into individual images of shelter, which turn out to be a return to the time of dreaming photography, the last region of life where everything is still possible.

Curator: Rafał Lewandowski

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Tomasz Szerszeń:  (born 1981) – visual artist and art historian.

A graduate of the Photography Department of National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź and Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Warsaw, adjunct in Institute of Art of Polish Academy of Sciences. He is an author of a book Podróżnicy bez mapy i paszportu (2015) and co-editor ofNeorealism in Polish Photography 1950-1970 (2015), member of an editorial board of „View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture” and „Konteksty” quarterly.

He had an individual exhibitions in Fundacja Archeologia Fotografii in Warsaw, Galeria Asymetria in Warsaw, Galeria Wymiany in Łódź, Indie Photography Gallery in Tel Aviv. He was taking part in a collective exhibitions in, among others, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, Nowy Teatr in Warsaw, Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Mickiewicz Museum in Istanbul, Galerie Anne de Villepoix in Paris, Galeria Asymetria in Warsaw. His works were shown on Paris Photo 2012, 2013, 2014. 

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Tomasz Szerszeń
Constellation III