Kuba Bąkowski
Arno Gisinger
Benoit Fougeirol
Krzysztof Pruszkowski
Tomasz Szerszeń
Non-Ready-Mades in the Photographer’s Archive
12th may 2018
to 9th june 2018
We find in the late Jerzy Lewczyński’s archive a collection of useless things. Some of them, besides lying idle, have also become anonymous.

Objects once constructed by the artist to serve in his laboratory, invented for a particular function based on his knowledge and imagination, have lost their original role following his departure. 
No one knows today what their intended purpose was.

Another group of objects that we find in the late photographer’s archive are those whose function is obvious, such as the MK-235 tape recorder, signed inside by the artist and his fiend, used for copying radio shows as well as soundtracks for the Photo-Theatre.

Still another group are repurposed objects such as terribly bent cutlery pieces which he used as photographic models or a jeweller’s mask with a loupe in which he took self-portraits, adding work-safety-and-hygiene slogans…

Today the objects have been displayed on the gallery wall, lying next to each other on shelves, and perhaps the proximity is the last thing they have in common.

Have they, losing their original readiness to serve, turned into a kind of non-ready-mades?

On the walls of the Asymetria Gallery, besides the objects themselves, we will also see photographic portraits of the cutlery pieces, taken by invited artists: Kubę Bąkowskiego, 
Arno Gisinger, Benoit Fougeirol, Krzysztof Pruszkowski, Tomasz Szerszeń, who in this way ask: have the objects from Jerzy Lewczyński’s archive lost their archaeological function today, do their new images belong to the same group as themselves, and finally: what is the object?

Rafał Lewandowski

29.04.2018 20:10:00

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Jerzy Lewczyński